Jan 29, 2009

Buzz Buzz

Let me first throw this pic of some aforementioned King Oscar "Tiny Tots". No review. I was hungry. They, as always, did not disappoint. That wad of cheese is some crazy goat cheese I got from the Boise Co-op. Now for the review.....

Bumble Bee Sardines in Hot Sauce.  Well, Leave it to me to bring things down a notch, keep it old school. It's up to me to bring things back to the hobo camp and leave all the artsy-shartsy behind....for now.

These sardines are totally run of the mill, purchased from my local discount food mart. They're cheap and for a good reason. They were firm, but kind of dry even though smothered in hot sauce. I'm not sure I would have called it "HOT" sauce, really. Even with the sauce they lacked flavor and were very uninspiring. Also, they seemed more "gutsy" than most. There were innards floating everywhere. A little gross.

But they look OK, right?  While not  total wash, I think there are better fish out there at the same price point. It's time to hit the Italian market downtown. Ciao!

Two Tins.


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! While i have yet to find Secret Aardvark, i like to enjoy sardines like this:

Maui Onion or any onion...
1 Tomato chopped
Soy Sauce, to taste
Sambal Olek
1 tin of your favorite sardines

Combine ingredients in a bowl, eat.

Old Nevermore said...

Up 'till now, I've been a straight out of the can Man-- But that sounds lovely.

Sambal Olek? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Fred Meyer carries Sambal Olek!


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