Jan 26, 2009

Iwashi Abrazuke Tougarashi Iri "SHIDA"

I'm an addict. Always have been. Hot Wheels and G.I. Joe, BMX bikes, Cheap beer, cocaine, tequila, handmade bicycles, pills, motorcycles, sex, sportscars, MoPars, good beer, tinned fish. Right on down the line.

No shame in it, really. I provide. Try to be standup. Pull my weight. Put the past behind and all of that.

But sometimes, even today, it's about the Score.

The Hit that's eluded me;

Nec Plus Ultra.

I cannot even speak of these fish, for fear of weeping.



Eaten with Secret Aardvark hot sauce, Brindisi Willamette Valley Farmstead Cheddar, Lagunitas "Brown Shugga'" beer, and water crackers.

Love begins with a letter.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Had that Heat at Genie's on our way out of the PDX. Truck was packed, whole family was there, I wanted to swipe it ala Cuba Style but didn't. Good Stuff. As for the first Five Tin Tin, I have hope to find it here in OAK Chinatown. Gotta write that shit down.

Old Nevermore said...

I'll bring you a bottle.

I had always dismissed it on sight as yet another "novelty" hot-sauce, but we got a few bottles at the bar and I was duly impressed.

Perfect heat/vinegar and a unique flavor profile.
At $4 a bottle it is a bit dear, but has earned a permanent spot in my quiver.

Sashimi said...

I concur, these are outstanding.


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