Jan 28, 2009


Just out of principle, I'll avoid any sardine packed in a sauce.

I like the taste of booze, so I'll have whiskey.

Know what I mean, Jim?

But, as you all know, I'm a sucker for nice packaging-- And these are in some of the coolest ever. Just look at that prehistoric looking fish, and that big juicy tomato, and all that crazy อักษรไทย!
I even had to break out the can opener to get into these. It was sweaty work, and I was damn hungry when I was done. I plopped these on some cheap saltines, and squirted the Aardvark all over them.

They were actually delicious. If I can find this brand without the ketchupy sauce, they'll be a solid 4-tinner. As it stands, I'll give them 2, plus one for the killer design work.

Around the world we go, kiddies.

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