Feb 16, 2009

Bon Appetit, Roasted Eel and LTD.

It was Valentines day when, after a beautiful dinner and some cocktails, we decided to bust into a nice can of Portuguese Sardines, a can of Roasted Eel in fermented black bean sauce that was gifted to me by a friend and a six pack of Full Sail LTD #01.

The Portuguese Sardines in Vegetable Oil were just awesome. Totally and otherwise. I don't know what they have going on in Portugal but they churn out some of the best canned fish on the planet. These sardines were buttery and smooth yet not mushy. They tasted clean and beautifully mild. Love was in the air.

The Eel on the other hand were NOT awesome. I love unagi when out for sushi and this stuff was just weird. Dry and sweet and, although I am thankful for the gesture, I will be avoiding canned eel in the future.

The beer that we had picked up, the Full Sail LTD Recipe # 01 was actually really good and just seemed to disappear as most beer seems to do in my presence. Poof!

I give the Sardines four tins. I don't rate the Eel at all as (1.) They're not Sardines and (2.) They sucked.

Last night we tried the Sumaco Sardines in Tomato Sauce that were given to me by the same friend who gave me the Eel. The same ones A23 reviewed last month. I agree with him on the amount of tins given (three) but without regard to packaging and on the merits of taste alone. The graphic was super cool, however.


sardineking said...

I like your blog. This is a subject that I'm quite familiar with. Actually, I intended to create a sardine eating review blog years ago but never got around to it. I've enjoyed reading and seeing some of the exotic canned goodies you've tried. Please keep it up. Question: Is there some kind of connection between cycling and sardines & beer? I get the feeling that you and your crew have thing for both. Seems like everyone I know that rides likes to eat sardines... and beer.

Old Nevermore said...

Thanks for coming by, King.

Funny thing about sardines, bikes, and beer. They just, I dunno, go together.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Those Bon Apes look killer.

Arrr said...

For anyone in the Santa Cruz area, Staff of Life carries 4 different kinds of Bon Appetit sardines for an incredible $1.39 - $1.69/tin (as of June 25, 2009).

Air Fryer Cookbooks said...

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