Feb 2, 2009

Eva and Zergut and TG ESG.

A couple of days ago my wife surprised me with a stack of tins to enjoy and maybe review. True love. We decided to try the Eva Sardines in Vegetable Oil since A23 had previously reviewed these Eva's.  

Opening the can revealed a layer of beautiful little fish in some nicely colored vegetable oil but it is upon biting into these that their true beauty is unveiled. Texture was succulent, living happily somewhere between firm and soft. They were moist and delicious. The flavor was clean and distinct with a saltiness that I have not experienced with other sardines. Both my wife and I agree that these are our favorite sardines up to this point. I would recommend that everyone experience these for themselves.

The beer that accompanied those perfect fish was itself worthy. Terminal Gravity Brewing's Extra Special Golden. If there is a beer mountain this is the beer that resides at it's very summit.

This is now my absolute favorite brew and my wifes too, for that matter, and she's not a big beer drinker. From what I understand this beer is in limited distribution and is highly sought after so get to the Boise Co-op and get some because you can!

Eva gets four tins only because I don't want to blow my five tin load too soon. If I had any testicular fortitude at all I would give these five tins.

After we inhaled the Eva's with a quickness we were still hungry and moved onto some Zergut Lightly Smoked Sardines in Olive Oil *HOT*.  I feel it is unfair to review these right now being as the Eva's were such a hard act to follow. We'll have to review these ones later.

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