Mar 26, 2009


Sardines on rice chips and (non-baby) carrots. I don't really understand baby carrots. Are they grown that way? They always taste sort of watery and processed to me. I have similar concerns regarding baby corn. There's just something weird about eating a food with "baby" in its name. I also think grown-up carrots are just better. They're sweeter and crunchier and more satisfying all around. My mom used to eat sardines and I thought they were disgusting. Turns out they're not! I started buying them after I found the Society for the Appreciation of the Lowly Tinned Sardine (SALTS), which reviews canned sardines. They're actually a great thing to have around. They have a lot of iron and good fat, and it's easy to plop them into sauces, stir frys, etc, or mash them with garlic and eat them on bread. I ate them on these brown rice chips, which turned out to steal the show. Riceworks, I am now a devotee.

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Gunnar Berg said...

Hey Lady! You have the right attitude. Welcome to the world of canned baitfish. (I enjoyed the Lesbian article too.)


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