Apr 24, 2009


Thomas Armstrong said...

johnny, you are the dog ass king of sardinedom. lovin' this weblog. except it makes me hungry.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Well, yes, Thank You, but I am just one member of the Society. A Society of people, people like you, Thomas Armstrong, people who aren't afraid, aren't afraid to pop a tin of sardines, open another beer, and say "Yes", "Yes I like these fish". with some hotsauce and maybe a dry cheese, but not too dry, and maybe a little cured meat or a cracker. People from all parts of this great rock we call home, People who just smile knowingly when someone else, someone not familiar with the delicate deliciousness, that someone else stares blankly, with that WhatTheFuck look in their eyes. We calmly, serenly, accept their ignorance. There is no conversion neccesary, we don't need to go door to door to educate the masses. There are only enough tins for those willing to pop them open, and there are only enough fish in one of those tins, for me, I mean us, well, did you bring your own cause I'm not sharing. The wife will eat half the tin anyways and you should have called first. Did you bring beer?


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