Apr 20, 2009

King O Brisling, Mediteranean Style

Went to see Doug Benson at the Punch Line tonight, to celebrate the Holiday. Good Line Up. Good Times. Came home with the munchies. King O, Brisling Med Riv Style.
KO Med Bris
A few saltines, salami, beer, and the rest of that iSTARA P'tit Pyrénées.
Mediterranean Brisling
These came with garlic powder, red bell pepper and black olive. I always love bits and pieces in the tin. These however came across as very salty. They smelled a bit briny upon opening, and while the cheese helped balance it, and the Crystal made it taste like Crystal, these are not for a salty saltine. Kinda worked with a piece of salami wrapped around it. Good Texture for a Brisling. Three out of Five.

These are "One Layer". Sixteen Fish. How many "Brisling" fish can fit in a tin?

Acme IPA. Straight outta North Coast. Wonderful balance, not over hopped. Better than the Stone IPA I keep drinking everywhere. I like this beer.

Doug gets Four Tins.

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Sashimi said...

Were those Oscars packed in Poland or Norway?

Most are now packed in their huge facility in Poland, but apparently they still maintain a smaller facility in Norway. The ones packed in Norway also explicitly say "Norwegian Brisling Sardines" in the ingredient list (though not on the front of the label as it used to). The ones that I've found from Norway are the two-layer variety.

I'm guessing the ones packed in Poland are more likely to come from the Baltic Sea, whereas the true "Norwegian" brislings come from the fjords of Norway. I don't know if it's just my imagination, or my affinity for Norway, but I thought the Norwegian ones were a little better.


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