Apr 1, 2009

Mega - The Philippines No. 2 Sardines!


Sashimi said...

Anyone try "Sultan" brand sardines? I found some at the local Mideast grocer and thought I'd give 'em a try.

Old Nevermore said...

I have had the Sultan brand.

I recall them being not great, but you should try them anyway and give us your impressions.

Sashimi said...

They were not great, but I suppose not bad for the price. There were three fish in the tin, so a little smaller than the other Moroccan brand (Flower) recently reviewed here. In appearance, these reminded of the Reese brand sardines, also from Morocco.

The flesh actually had a pretty nice color. Firm texture, though perhaps a little dry and, despite being bathed in chili oil, fairly bland.

Even though these weren't as huge as the Flower brand sardines, the skin was a little tough and quite scale-y (which I wasn't terribly fond of).

I still have another tin of these, just in plain olive oil, so I'll see if those yield a better (or worse) experience.

I rounded up a few more brands not reviewed here, though probably nothing that promises to be much more than of middling quality: Goya and Vigo (Spain), Omelia (Morocco) and Delamaris (Slovenia-caught in the Adriatic).

Sashimi said...

The Vigos were pretty solid. These fish were nice and moist, with thin skin. Interesting contrast, in a way, to the Sultans, considering both are from the Mediterranean. I wonder if the difference in the skin (and, to a lesser extent, flesh) texture is due to differences in the way the fish are processed or due to differences in the sardines in the south vs. north Mediterranean.


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