Apr 11, 2009

Vive la Connétable

Connétable is probably the oldest operating fish cannery on earth. Since 1853, sardines are prepared with a selection of best natural ingredients. bottom of tin
After Opening Week in Baseball, I feel like the Oldest Operating Bartender on Earth. I operate at Ground Zero, AT&T Park. So I went to the pantry and grabbed what I knew to be fine fish.
Vive la Connetable
Fillets with Chili. Boneless, Skinless, Perfect Meat, A Hint of Heat, and A Bit of Brininess that says, "Yes, I came from the Ocean". Doesn't need to be paired with anything but a fork. Four out of Five wish I had another tins.
The iSTARA P'tit Pyrénées is a Wonderful semi soft sheep and cow's milk cheese, the olives and cornichons tasty. A little salami and the Anchor Bock again and again (get it while you can). But the Tin was emptied first.

French Fish. French Cheese. French Dog. Don't forget to set the alarm for The Long Road Into Hell.


Sashimi said...

Very nice spread, Jonny H!

Ah, AT&T Park...would love to get out there again.

Old Nevermore said...

Really beautiful, Jonoui.

Let's eat together soon, non?

Morgane Dalbergue said...

Thank you for thiis


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