Jun 9, 2009

When Premium Sardines Hit the Chic Top !

Last chic cocktail I went to was a meeting of french restaurants headers. It was all about aperitives and snacks. Although I'm not in the food buisness, I was invited and brought some of the best sardine cans I have for a sardine lesson. And then suddenly this guy Bruno from at Bruno's restaurant in Dijon took out of his jacket pocket a Ramon Pena sardinillas can.

Damned ! I had never seen this one before. We opened and tasted. It was a circular can with small sardines disposed in wheel. Very good olive oil, not too green. The sardines were a bit too young, they would have admit at least 2 or 3 more years of aging. But it was utterly delicious and had to admit that Bruno had found a jewel in the sardine world. When I asked where it came from he answered we can only find them at Fauchon's in Paris.

Ok! Forget Fauchon if you're not a millionnaire ! In any case, remember the name Ramon Pena if you travel in Spain near Vigo or Santiago de Compostella, and remember also (new proverb) that sardine cans wrapped in black with gold letters on may lead you on water and bread for weeks…

Enjoy !
Philippe ANGINOT

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