Jul 12, 2009

Grecian Formula.

So, staying true to my nature, I ate these fish, probably, two weeks ago and will wrangle the memory of this gifted tin of greek sardines from my beer soaked memory.

I remember that the fish was as any other handsome and firm sardines in clean tasting olive oil. Awesome and enjoyable but not remarkable.

The cheese was intense. Beautiful, but it upstaged everything else on the cutting board. A showboater.

And we also drank tequila. A bunch of it. The fact that I have any recollection of the evening is testament to my many years of practice.

Three tins.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Way to dig. Deep into the mind. Those fish look tasty.

La Sardine Eblouie said...

I remember eating these sardines from a can I brought back from Germany last year. They were nice little sardines from the Tyranean sea. Pretty rare to be mentioned ! And, well, the package is really Grünnen !

oldschooly said...

Do you agree with my rating? They WERE tasty. I just didn't want to give up four tins too easily.
Sometimes I like to play hard to get.

Couves said...

Th!nk Green’s branding may move cans in certain stores – but it could also kill “sardine chic” in its cradle. The environmentalists could easily do to sardines what the hippies did to kale and brown rice: make them unpalatable, “sustainable” and basically uncool.

I eat Sardines because: 1) I’m Portuguese 2) They’re damn tasty and cheap… not because they’re the new granola.

For the Separation of Sardines and Politics-

Maria Verivaki said...

hmm, i think i'll be eating many more sardines from now on, straight from the tin


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