Aug 1, 2009

Waitrose Piccanti

Sardina Pilchardus Walbaum is in the ingredients. That, olive oil (27%), sea salt, and chili peppers are all that's in this tin. I found two small chili peppers, With Seeds, in the bottom. I love finding bits.
Waitrose Piccanti
These are the third tin smuggled in from England, Europe.
Waitrose Piccanti 2
Not quite three large fish, boned and skinned. The oil tastes clean and spicy. There is a nice heat here, it lingers, I like it. The meat is very lean and dense, it doesn't melt in your mouth like a fatter fish might. It seems like a perfect luncheon meat. Great for a sardine sandwich, baguette, greens, and a lighter luncheon style beer. Bag of crisps.

This fish is Alberto Contador; Spicy, Lean, Dense, Smart, Fast and Furious.
Three Tins

Fork, courtesy of Chez Panisse, they served it with a side of anchovies.

Oh, on a side note, I have turned all the tins in the pantry upside down, thinking they have spent most of their lives right side up, on display, or in cases on pallets, etc. Let the oils saturate the other side.


Gunnar Berg said...

Contador is only three tins?

Merckx = 5
Contador = 4
Armstrong = 3

sardineking said...

I think the scale should be:
Merckx = 10
Hinault = 08
Anquetil = 07
Indurain = 06
Lemond = 05
Texas = 04
Contador = 02
Phil & Paul = 01

Gunnar Berg said...

The King has an obvious bias toward French riders and/or names. Where is Fausto Coppi for insistence? or Bartalli? (who are certainly ahead of Contador, inspite of my hasty list - unless time proves otherwise.) Alberto has an attacking, rather than calculating heart.

Now, back to baitfish.


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