Sep 2, 2010

When Hiking to Volcanic Hot Springs in Iceland Bring Your Own

Sorry for the absence. I've had a few things going on.

Currently I am in Iceland working as an Art Roadie. Hired Muscle as it were. Driver, Carrier, Court Jester. Working for The Lost Bird Project. Please read all about here. It is a wonderful project.

And wouldn't You know it, they have Sardínur here. Ora Sardínur, í olíu og í tómatsósu.
Ora Sardinur
And they suck.
Ora 2
Brisling, mushy, crap olive oil in one can, crap tomato sauce in the other. Doesn't say where they are from. Paired with a decent sliced Gouda and a Baguette. Forgot the wine. Meh. Two out of Five Tins, barely.
Ora Sardinur

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