Oct 4, 2010

Sardines From Norway

Who doesn't like sardine can label ?
Here are four out of more than 25 000 different labels printed in Norway during the last century… Suddenly my french ego shrinks and I just feel like diving in cold water. Just the opposite of what you must feel in your Icelandic pond !
Enjoy Iddiser.

An by the Norway, Is there among the Society someone who's collecting Maine sardine can labels? This is a question I've been asked by a fellow from Norway.

Enjoy !
Philippe ANGINOT


Gunnar Berg said...

25,000 different labels? Obviously they were running away from their quality.

Bob Holtzman -- said...

Maine State Museum (Augusta) and Penobscot Marine Museum (Searsport) both have small collections of Maine sardine packaging.
For more on Maine sardines, come to Penobscot Marine Museum's 2010 history conference: And Then There Were None -- The Rise & Fall of Maine's Sardine Industry. Oct 22-23. More info: http://www.penobscotmarinemuseum.org/archives/History-Conference-2010.html


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