Aug 22, 2011


Long time Society Member, Foodie and Fasionisto, Nevin Mrgan dropped Us a line.


There’s nothing cosier than being packed in like sardines. Dream of catching a big fish as you sleep amongst your new friends. You can pull up the doona cover over you so are inside the tin. The best bit is, these sardines don’t smell!

Sardine Tin Bed Toppings are made with beautifully soft 100% 200 Thread Count Cotton.

What's up with the 200 thread count?

I mean I love these so much I want to buy an Airstream with 4 single sleepers just so I can outfit it with these Bed Toppings, or maybe just a trip to Ikea to get a mattress that fits these sheets. We don't have the space but I could make it a dog bed down in the laboratory (Annie would love it). But 200 thread count just won't cut it. Not at that price.

That was one of the big secrets that Everyone kept from me. Thread Count. God what a difference. No one told me till I was like thirty-two. Tell the young adults in Your world. Thread Count - It's Important.

Anyways, Thanks Nevin.

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