Jan 27, 2013

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Hi there - I was researching sardines (what else?) and came across
your very interesting and informational website. What a collection of

Great photos of the meals too. I noticed the serving device- a
spatula? with the fish cutout and it intrigues me. Is that a recent
purchase? I'd love to add one to my collection - would appreciate it
if you could provide any information on where I might be abe to
locate. I'm aware of sardine forks but nothing with a flat surface.

Thanks in advance-


We've talked about Sardine Forks and other Appliances and then there is this.

Key 1

I don't know where I got this or if it is Sardine Specific but it is for opening tins. When it comes apart into two pieces the handle piece has a groove to grip a tin top and the triangle at the other end is for turning leverage. The triangle is not a bottle opener. Also cast into the triangle is "Made in England"

Key 2

I think Mama Sherry foraged this out of a thrift store.
Thanks Vee.


ambradambra said...

Wow, a fellow tinned fish lover. My tastes extend to tinned anchovies and my favourite - mackeral. Lovely stuff. I posted on my blog about it: http://ambradambra.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/lurking-in-the-cupboard-4-metal-food-tins/

hotpissfun said...


Christine said...

Thank you for your blog. I love those little fish! Has anyone seen them packed in sardine oil? I haven't been able to find them. I think they are better for you packed in their own oil. But it has been about 10 years since I have seen them.

Fish said...

This is Great Post.I like it
Thank you for sharing and keep your work.
Can I share it on my facebook?

lmtr14 said...

I'm a sardine collector located in Austria and today have passed the 100 cans mark. I heavily collect variations. over 90 of these were purchased in Austria alone, in the last half year, so you can see where this is going to head. I'll build a proper website eventually (easier to handle than my 900+ item Metallica collection, somewhat...)

Best Minimalist Wallets said...

Looks great.


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