Apr 3, 2020

Teaching and Learning in Covid-19

"Going through some old memories, and I came across this poem I wrote in 3rd grade. I actually remember the shape of the paper was meant to resemble a sardine tin. My opinion of sardines has since shifted. 'sardines, sardines; not bad at all...'"
- Britt, Member since 2010

"This is not business as usual and it is unethical to act as if it could be. No one can (or should) expect the Covid-19 schooling happening at home to be anything close to usual, and perhaps this moment is providing all of us a chance to do something different: learn to be." - AJC

"learn to be" Ain't that the truth. Folks and families under Shelter In Place advisories and requirements, trying to stay sane, somehow seem normal. But this is a chance. A chance to take responsibility for ourselves and our people. A chance to do something different, to think outside the tin.

If you are a parent and you are reading this I would like to think your children are developing the skills to Appreciate. That you are taking the time to help them understand what they are eating and why it's delicious. This time together will be memories that they will flash back to whenever they pop a tin throughout their long lives.

For parents that haven't taken up the challenge of training our next generation with this very important tool for survival, that haven't been able to have to sit down with their children and enjoy a tin, I understand, it is an acquired taste to be sure and children can be... well, you know.

So here is a lesson plan to help!

From here you are on your own.

Please. Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Teach your kids about the Society. 

We don't have an age minimum but the Society is Rated R

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