Feb 28, 2023

Tin Turner

 Well, it won't stop raining so I guess it's time to turn over the tins. Always recommended to the connoisseurs and hoarders alike. Get the oils going the other way for awhile.

Damn, 63 tins, I guess it's time to pop a tin. The Wife is zooming in her home office so she might miss out again.

Conservas de Cambados (Tins of Cambados) Small Sardines in Olive Oil

On the front label it says "Fresh From Galica", on the back label it says "Best Before 31 Dec 2017"!!

But I have rotated my tins almost every sometimes and these smelled great upon opening!

We had lunch yesterday and the Best Jewish Noshery in the North Bay and as usual ordered way to much food so we brought home half a Chopped Liver Sandwich which I disassembled for today. La Panzanella cracker, toast points, kosher dill, lemon,and the beautifully spicy Ed Fallot dijon. A HenHouse - Avian Surveillance Division IPA really brought the room together.

After all this time Quality Tins hold up! Ten sweet babies in clean oil. Devoured those quickly and found ten more underneath. 20 cuties.

Very clean, mild flavor. Still have a fine texture. I wish I had a fresh tin to compare them to. Might have softened up a little given the age but not to any detriment. I am happy.

Five years after expiration and none would be the wiser. Five Tins! If I see these around I will buy another. 

Oh $hit! That explains a lot. lol

That being said I will be throwing away at least half a dozen tins because they just don't look the part. Cheap tins from dark and dusty corners of the world. None have puffed out yet but supplies are plentiful and I don't see any reason to open them. I am experienced.

Alright. Well. Call me. Let's have lunch.

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DachsieGuy said...

Cheers! Great to hear from you again.


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