Jan 24, 2009

Angelo Parodi

I feel that I am still in training. In that, I need the basics, Sardines 101. Stick to the originals and learn a basic knowledge, before I venture into the Asian and Mexican markets.

So I chose another standard in Angelo Parodi, in olive oil, product of Portugal.

I am pretty sure I've had these before, but like I said, I am trying to find standards, to attain understanding. I have had many sardines, trouts, anchovies, herring and other pickled and salted things, but now I am looking closer, comparing, and I am starting in the Mediterranean regions. Italy, Spain, Portugal, or better yet Sardinia.

On first glance at the packaging I notice the list of ingredients; Sardines, olive oil and salt. I like this. No bizarro acids, gums, or artificials. I also like the price at $1.99.

Some interesting Wikifacts:
Sardines were named after the island of Sardinia, where they were once in abundance.

Canned "sardines" in supermarkets may actually be sprats (such as the "brisling sardine") or round herrings. The actual sizes of the fish canned vary by species. Good quality sardines should have the head and gills removed before packing.
On to the product.
Angelo Parodi

Three Large fish in a nice oil. I find these to be quite mild. Mild fishyness, mild salt flavor. Just kind of... mild. I ate the first one with a fork, just for tasting, and because they're huge. Glad for the Magic Pepper Sauce for the rest, which is mild, yet has a wonderful sweet Cajun flavor. The beer is AAAmazing, go find it if you can, and IF you can, grab a case for me, I've been hoarding this six pack for three weeks. This is my second 12 oz ration.

Yeah, not bad, not great, not really good. Just good. I guess I've found a standard, three out of five tins.

Enjoyed with Terminal Gravity IPA, Magic Pepper Sauce, no spice watercrackers, and the last of our cheeses.


Redoubt said...

Loved Parodi sardines! meaty and full of flavor, you don't find that quality here in the US anymore. Salute! My business is theirs!

Elian said...

Did you ever try the French "Mouettes d'Arvor" sardines prepared in the old way? If you didn't, you absolutely should! These ones taste amazingly delicious and literally melt in the mouth.

Emron Marketplace said...

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