Jan 24, 2009

Tiny Tots


Mr. Chris is right. King Oscar "tiny-tots" brisling sardines represent the pinnacle of easily-sourced domestic brands.

I just took a spin out to 122nd ave to spend my last $80 on groceries, and since I know that they carry the fish in the yellow package, I grabbed up a can.

I have typically been interested in tinned sardines of the rarer sort, but have fallen back on King Oscar in many a time of need. It is a soft landing.

If memory serves, these were at one time marked, "Norway", but the can I purchased was packed in Poland, and I have a feeling, that since the company is now owned by Bumble-Bee, they probably source their fish from many different ports, worldwide.

Medium fishy odor, relatively firm, and packed in a low-quality olive oil. Mouthfeel is good, if a bit on the soft side, and flavor is nice and easy, with a sort of bland fishiness.

At $2.49 a can, not the best value out there, but again, an excellent quality standby sardine.

Eaten today, just now, with Tillamook sharp cheddar and pepper jack, Chef Paul's Magic pepper sauce (courtesy of Hamachi), saltines, and a bottle of Deschute's Obsidian Stout.

3 out of 5 tins.


Mojave Mike said...

Those in your photo aren't the Tiny Tots I just had. (Yes, King Oscar yellow package.) The ones I had were about 1/4 that size. They were Norweigian packed in Poland for Bumble Bee and they were the pinnacle of perfection in my 50 years of sardine enjoyment. I'm going back to buy out the store now; I hear they age nicely.

Unknown said...

May I ask what store you were able to find these? I cannot find them anywhere!



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