Jan 24, 2009


We took a family outing to Fubonn last night. I was searching for salted/pickled limes for a new cocktail concoction (which, upon tasting later in the evening, proved delicious. If you like the flavor of Pine Sol).

I hit up the, of course, sardine area, and was bummed to see that it has fallen into a state of neglect. Empty boxes, unmarked cans flown free of their packaging, Mackerel (!!??) mixed in. I picked up a couple of old favorites and continued on my way, only later to discover a secret that had thusfar eluded me;

Fubonn stocks by region (sort of), and they have taken to displaying sardines with other foods that share their country of origin. Now it is a Hunt!

Let's just say that I got cans. Boy do I have cans.

First of the bunch.

Eva Brand, Pikant (with green chilies). Croatia.
Packed in vegetable oil, but without the acrid taste that a low quality oil can sometimes impart. Very neutral with the lightest hint of chili flavor.

Briny, fresh smell. A bigger fishy odor than one would expect from such a mild sardine. Flesh is almost tuna dense, and bones so small/soft so as to be non-existent.

Really, very good, and under $2.

Eaten with saltines, sharp cheddar, pickled green tomatoes, and chilled Svedka Swedish vodka.

4 out of 5 tins, with a Woot!

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Jonny Hamachi said...

You're much cleverer than you look, you know.


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