Feb 27, 2009

Albo Sardinas Picantonas

I just don't understand the "In Hot Sauce", "In Hot Oil", "Picante", "Picantanonas".  I only ever find a slight after burn, maybe I'm desensitised to the heat and it takes a little more than the Average Tourist, I don't know. There is definitely a little more than without, just not enough to warrant excitement.

This box got me excited. Fish slathered in picantonas on the cover. Cool Tres Escudos (3 Shields) on the back. Even the box ends are styly, old world Spain.

The tin has tomato, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, onion and spices IN it. I found them, and added them to the cracker bite. I could taste some vegetable flavors, but no heat. 
Three nice fish, with a solid pink tinge to the meat, from the infused sunflower oil. There is no red #666 coloring in this tin. It's natural. These are good fish. Solid Three Tins just on the meat. Still needed some hot sauce occasionally. Bonus Tin for vegetables and packaging.
Had the LTD, Recipe 01, with these. Oldschoolia is right, this beer just DISAPPEARS. Amber color, light head, super clean taste, light on the hops, medium on the malts, drink it all day in the sunshine kinda goodness.

Just so you know I'm not crazy, Mandingo gave these Albos Four out of Five STARS, and said this:
Las sardinas picantes Albo son una gran inversión en calidad y sabor. Las sardinas empleadas en esa conserva son las populares "Pilchardus" de lomo azulado y vientre plateado. Poseen una gran textura y un extraordinario sabor.

And That is what I call Lunch.

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