Feb 22, 2009

Palacio Real parte dos

Palacio Real in hot oil
Another Palacio Real tin that I got from The Spanish Table. This one is in hot oil. Three big fish, subtle after heat, good texture. Really good. It has gotten to where I'm lucky to get half the tin. And GG claims this El Valle de Almodóvar Semi Curado is the perfect cheese to go with sardines. I'm typing, she's eating. I got to work on my timing. Great fish, Four out of Five tins.
Enjoyed with Ommegang Abbey Ale, Boquerones, Piri Piri, and the Oscars.


oldschooly said...

Looks great! Nice platter, I'm sure you've guessed that I'm out of commission as my wife is in France and she has the camera. I'm sure to review some serious euro shit here in a couple of weeks.

I heart Ommegang.

Old Nevermore said...

You ought to be sketching still-lifes of your feeds.

What do you think bloggers did in the old days, before cameras?


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