Feb 2, 2009

Pollastrini di Anzio

Nel 1889 Salvatore Pollastrini di Anzio, visto il grande pescato locale di sardine iniziò, per primo in Italia, il suo inscatolamento.
Just outside of Roma they have produced these Salvatore Pollastrini di Anzio sardines for 120 years. One Hundred and Twenty Years. They also claim:
The CLUPEA PILCHARDUS commonly called “sardine” can only be found in the Mediterranean Sea. Other fishes, which don’t belong to the CLUPEA PILCHARDUS family, are wrongly called “sardines”.
While this statement is interesting, I don't care. I have been only trying Euro-'dines, but I am not a purist, this is where I chose to start.

Sardine Pollastrini di Anzio - Piccanti all' Olio d'Oliva
These ARE Italy. Firm, full figure, clean taste, with the mild aftertaste of heat, dressed up in a stylish package. Mmmm, wearing Prada Pumps and a tight skirt. Four out of Five tins.
We've been to Roma twice, and will go again. Next time we do the Coast. Enjoyed with a fork, and an Albarino.

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