Mar 26, 2009

Filets de Sardines A L'Huile D'Olive Vierge Extra

So last weekend sometime my wife and I may have had a couple of glasses of wine or some beer or whatever and were feeling rather loose. so to speak. During this period after the kids were in bed and had some fresh netflix we decided to just pop a tin from our french arsenal. The intent was purely digestive and we were not intending on even writing a review unless they were just super. We chose one of the more nondescript cans in the cupboard. I think they're called Leader Price Filets de Sardines A L'Huile D'Olive Vierge Extra. As you can gather as I am writing a review they were, indeed, super.

I know that a can of skinless and boneless filets may be frowned upon by some society members. Well whatever. These fish were beautiful. Clean and fresh tasting in a bath of light and delicious olive oil (I am salivating right now). We served them with some pickled peppers, some aged cheddar and a nice hunk of salami (and some tequila) and were in Sardine heaven.

Three and a Half Tins.


After we inhaled the first can we were still in the mood and decided to pop another tin. The Fish 4 Ever Sustainably-Fished Sardines with Organic Lemon and Olive Oil. They 
were good looking fish complete with skin and bones in a bath of some darker and a bit heavier olive oil. They were delicious but not quite as awesome as the previous tin. Sorry about the black and white photo. I get artsy when have a load on.

Two and a Half Tins.


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