Mar 27, 2009


Worked hard tonight, all hustle, no flow.

It's late, GG is still out of town. Stopped by my Super Longs for the 17.99 cube on the way home. I'm hungry and I'm going at it PDX Style. Nope. Not even PDX. In Portland in the middle of the night with cheap beer they still slice out some cheese and crackers. I'm going Commando. Beer out of the tin, fish out of the tin, no accomp, accou, accoumpa, acc, the feller that plays the guitar. Well some picante if I need it. PDX Inspired Photo:
Flower Brand
Flower Brand Moroccan Spiced Sardines. These look promising. I'm on a quest to find sardines with more heat than just Afterburn.

I think I got these at that 99 Asian supermarket, I'm not sure, but Piri Piri is the real deal. A hot pepper they turn into a tasty sauce over there in Europe and North Africa.

Hang on that tinned cerveza is gone, I'll be right back.

OK. These are two big beauties. Look at these.
Flower Fish
There's some good heat here. Not the greatest texture. Normally I like big fish, but these might be a little too big. have to fillet them off the vertebrae.

You know what it is. When the fish get this big the skin starts to really get thick (for sardines), and I'm getting a texture I don't really like out of the flesh. I do like the vegetables in the bottom, and it's about the best infused heat I've tried.

I don't know, try these, let me know what you think. I can't give it a tin for the heat, veggies, and packaging when the fish aren't working. 
Beverage Review? Red Pills. When I get home late, after a long shift, it is the perfect beer. I can't be drinking Imperial Sextuplet IPAs or Triple-Double Belgiums at Home after Midnight. Tecate is so quenching, satisfying that thirst, washing away the night.


Jefferson said...

I had these last week and enjoyed them! Although the few bits of tough skin were not fun. But I liked the fish flavor, and texture. The spice flavor was good, but not 'spicy' to me.

Personally I'd give them 3 - 3.5. But to each their own! :-D

Scott B. Garrison said...

I might be coming at this from a different perspective...I seem to like the small fish - the brislings in olive oil but I like kippered herring a great deal so am not afraid of bigger slabs. I just ate these and was very excited to try them. Didn't find any heat even ate the two peppers - but then again tolerance is pretty high for me.

The fish in mine had scales - not many but a turn off nonetheless. I didn't like the skin texture. After trying I immediately came here to see what people thought. Do I think alike, etc. I would not buy again but definitely want to try some of the high end italians to see if I like the same things

Ryan M. Parr said...

I was looking up some info on this before I opened the can. I found them for about $1.50 at a Super H Mart (Asian market.) Before reading anything about them I was thinking of how they reminded me of Cole's Piri Piri canned sardines. In fact I was oblivious to the ingredient in this particular can, and merely reflected on how I thought they were equivalent to the much more expensive sardines by Cole. My can had smaller sardines than the one in your review, so that might be a factor. Overall I feel like a fool for not knowing of this product sooner (and I need to get out more to discover stuff like this.)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where one could buy them in Northern California. My mother came to visit and take care of me for surgery and would like me to get some of these for her. Any info would greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Koreana plaza market in oakland has them


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