Apr 27, 2009

Chocolate, Dried, and Tinned

Received some wonderful gifts from friends recently.

My friend Frankie Frankeny brought me by some Chocolate Sardines and this wonderful image she created. You've seen her work before, you just didn't realize it. She's famous.
choco sardines
I don't even want to open it. It is awesome

And my friend Til brought me back an assortment of fun from Japan. Some kind of Dried Sardines, a Humping Dog - USB meets Love toy (plug it in and it humps your computer), the Super Crazy BLACK LABEL eye drops, and A TIN!!! The only English on the tin says Maruha Nichiro
Gifts from Japan
Look for a review of the tin and dried fishies soon.

1 comment:

Sashimi said...

That's some cool lighting in those pics, Jonny H.


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