May 3, 2009

Michel Cluizel

Sardines en Chocolat au lait
Michel Cluizel. Five nice fish individually wrapped for your protection. A tasty milk chocolate, but I'm more of a dark chocolate kinda guy.
Sardine en Chocolat au lait
Better than Hershey's. I dipped them in the peanut butter jar for ultimate pleasure. Four out of Five Tins.
Thanks Frankie.

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La Sardine Eblouie said...

considering chocolate sardines, Michel Cluizel are certainly the best. They come in black or milk chocolate. Cluizel is one of the best chocolate maker in the world and you can find his shops in Paris, London, Tokyo, New York… there is also a chocolate museum in Normandy. The design of his sardine wrappers never changed for at least 20 years. It's unique. All other chocolate sardine makers use a cartoon like design that isn't so classy ! I'll post pictures soon of different chocolate sardine tins and even work of art using Cluizel sardine aluminium papers…


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