Apr 19, 2009

Les Enfandines, Eva's with Lemon and a Coopers.

Although I have some previously enjoyed cans waiting for review I decided to review these while they're fresh in my memory. Last night we decided to feast on a couple of tins as supper. The Connetable sardines are of my dwindling french supply and the Eva's and the Coopers came from the Boise Co-op. This awesome tray of goodness included some jack cheese, Columbus sopressata, radishes, Mezzetta hot cherry peppers and, of course, crackers.

The Connetable Les Enfandines Sardines in Oil were as good as one could expect from fish lacking in skin and bones. Firm and not overly dry and not too fishy. They tasted clean in some nice light oil yet had an indescribable aftertaste. I find that sardine filets lack the moisture and flavor that comes with having skin and bones in the mix. If having sterile sardines is your thing then these puppies are for you and would probably receive a five tin rating.

Now onto the Eva's. The Eva brand never disappoints and these were no exception. These sardines were a pleasure to eat. Moist and flavorful with a hint of lemon that was not overpowering. I opened the can to notice a piece of lemon resting, partially dissolved, on top of some beautiful fish. Oh, man! I totally recommend these to any society members or to those who have the fortitude to appreciate tinned sardines.

The Coopers Sparkling Ale is one of my favorites. It is an unfiltered, deep colored ale with tiny bubbles representative of a trappist style ale. Delicious!

The Connetable sardines get three tins.

The Eva's get four tins.

The beer was awesome.

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La Sardine Eblouie said...

Fileted sardines in oil never have a good taste but often have a nice can, even Connetable must be avoided. I already left a comment on the subject to explain why taste comes along with the calcium of the bone.
Croatian Eva little sardines are great Adriatican sardines spreading all over european canneries, even Connetable can them ! The croatian canning factories were destroyed during the war and changed into amunition warehouses. 3 brand new factories are now settled on the island of Nis thanks to european and american money. Seems to be peaceful now…


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