Apr 17, 2009

Philippe Just Grows His Own Out Back


Arrr said...

Sustenance is ensured for the post-zombie apocalypse era.

Gunnar Berg said...

At least Philippe hasn't let his hobby get out of hand. It appears that food and collecting can be a lethal combination. As Arrr(whom I assume is a pirate)says, at least he is ready for the forecasted global minnow shortage.

La Sardine Eblouie said...

You're both right ! I'm ready for the worst of the global crisis… And I read in the late papers that sardine fishing is forbidden in Marocco for the next three years… And that french sardine fishers keep coming back to the port of Sete with empty nets when others spread sardines in the streets to ask in a strong way the end of a price limit for their poor sardine crop… Sooner or later a sardine can will be gold !


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