May 14, 2009

Back from Vendée

Here is a little review of my Vendée trip's crop

Sardine Les Dieux au jambon fumé with local Cola
Not a good idea ! I let Jonny review the sardine can in a few days. The Cola was great and unmissable considering that one can find it only within a 50 kms area around Les Sables d'Olonne, Vendée, France…

Believe it or not, Vendée is THE other sardine place in France and as a proof, just have a look to what fishers catch in their nets. Isn't 'it nice? But 20 eurocents per item at the marketplace seems a little expensive, worth it in any case as these are really delicious, being very young atlantic sardines (pilchardus) and not average old mediterranean gnarves! And blue as you can never see anywhere else. It needs only a few hours for sardine backs to become as grey as a parisian sky. Once barbecued, you only let a small head for your cat and eat everything else, don't even need to open and wash them : everything is tasty in Vendée!

One can also visit the local museum showing sardines just like pharaonic relics and a fisherman as a poor bald Ramses without cap and pipe.

Enjoy !
Philippe ANGINOT



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