May 10, 2009

Eiffel Tower

A.R. finally came back. The Boss was jamming around Hong Kong, Macau, and Thailand-- Eating, drinking, and refining his near mastery of the regional cuisine.

I asked him to remember The Society in his travels, and bring us back a tin, which he obliged.

A new can of sardines is a lovely thing to see, sitting in your "In" box of a Friday morning.

So, we'll set the place;

Lord Fritz and Chef Chu keep watch.

Fish Balls, and baby octopus.

Le Tin, with accoutrement.

I'll admit here, that this isn't really a review, considering I haven't opened that can yet. I didn't drink the beer either. I was at work, for chrissakes.

Chef Chu laughed at me, and said "That is not a good brand of sardine"-- Very well. I'll leave it sitting on the back-bar, looking cool, and waiting for me to be really, really hungry.

Also, our friend Nong LOVES sardines.


La Sardine Eblouie said...

O lala ! Eiffel tower sardines !!! Get them before the Eiffel tower society put the brand on trial for using the name ! If anyone can find one like this for me… it would be a masterpiece in my musem ! (even a empty can !) I'm ready for an exchange with any french can.

Old Nevermore said...

I'm sure that something can be arranged.

You, who have done so much, for so many, are deserved of any tin that you might wish for.

Let's go thru the usual channels...

(ie: Send me your address via The Society, and I'll get these to you.)

La Sardine Eblouie said...

Oh yes it's great to realize what the word society really means.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way someone could set up a menu on the side of the page organizing all the different reviews written thus far? It'd make purchasing sardines that much easier!


Contact or Contribute, if you want. Do a good job and we might put it on here, but no promises, okay?

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