Jul 25, 2009

Waitrose Al Limone

I was behind the rail one night and one of my brethren (Loyal Reader #11 or 12) (I mean Non-Member #xx), couldn't get his thumbs off his phone. Being the pinche bandejo I am, I busted his chops. He tells me of how he's checking on his Mother landing safely at Heathrow. Claims there was a storm or she doesn't fly often or that he just worries about his Mom cause she's a Good Woman. I don't really recall.

The next night or two nights later, or maybe the next week, I'm asking him about his Moms being in England with the Society in mind. He has already expressed his Appreciation and I hope to recruit a smuggler.

And. Of course. He's all about it.

Ms. Jean brings home three tins from Jolly Ol'. She is a Good Woman.

The first to be discussed was the Marks and Spencer that I palmed off to A23 as we crossed paths without making eye contact or arousing suspicion in a crowded bus terminal.

The other Two are also from a self branding super store, that has quality goods and delivers. One tin is Piccanti and tonight's tin is Al Limone.



We packed a picnic and grabbed the mutts and headed up to our favorite cemetery. It's very old and built into the hills and overlooks the bay and San Francisco. We could see the City was socked in with the marine layer (fog) and it's dog on leash only which works well with our anti-socials.

Tonight's platter is filled with a Wensleydale Artisinal cheese from Neal's Yard Dairy, England, a pepperoni piccolino, some greens from the garden, almond slivers, baguette and a Mariposa Plum.
Waitrose 3
This is some fine packaging.
Waitrose 1
Four fish, skinned and boned, bellys up. These are small fish, slender. A product of Morocco.
Waitrose 2
They are wonderful. A clean olive oil, with bits of lemon rind floating under the fillets. The meat is firm yet flakey, like a good tinned fish ought to be. There is a definite yet subtle lemon zing to the flavor. We are loving these fish. If they had a spine and maybe some skin they would probably merit five tins, but being filleted, Four Solid Tins.
Um, this Chateau la Rouviere Bandol Rosé is so So SO perfect for a sunny afternoon nibbling on Sardine Al Limone. It matched up with all of it. The fish, the plum, the cheese. A wonderful nose, delicate and floral, even after it had warmed up during the photo shoot. This should be drank by the pool everyday, after all it's "Bandol Rosé for the San Tropez Man".

The cheese is light and creamy like a mild cheddar, crumbly and slightly fruity like a good cheshire. Perfect for the Rosé. And get yourself a Mariposa Plum.
Waitrose 4
Thanks to T.S. and Ms. Jean.

Waitrose's website throws up this recipe which is quite close to this recipe.
If you get yourself a Euro-Smuggler get a tin or two for me.


Sashimi said...

By a somewhat remarkable coincidence, I received those very two varieties of Waitrose sardines from a Euro-Smuggler a couple of weeks ago. I was a little skeptical because they were boneless/skinless, but now, in light of your positive review, I very much look forward to partaking of them.

Jonny Hamachi said...

I hope you find them to your liking.

Anonymous said...

My wife's on the phone at the moment to Waitrose, asking why Sardine al Limone seem to have been withdrawn from the local store's shelves.
Glad to see you guys have been enjoying them, too. They do not seem to be available anywhere else... well, from a Google search, anyway. That's a serious withdrawal of a source of pleasure

Anonymous said...

Did we ever find out why Waitrose stopped selling these awesome sardines.

I have two tins left in my cupboard and I am saving them as I know they may be my last.

Anonymous said...

Just been prompted to search the internet to try and find out why the Waitrose Piccanti and Al Limone sardines have disappeared from my locals stores shelves. I've been able to get them until very recently (June 2014). Delicious. Waitrose, please bring them back!!


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