Aug 11, 2009

Guest Review: Roland

I received two (2!) packages from The Coast today; one with a CD, the other from SALTS World Headquarters containing Aquavit and sardines. Incidently I have already eaten Roland Sardinas in oil from Morocco for lunch today. Clean and neat. (That's a review.) One more thing I don't understand: Lorna was eating some disgusting tuna from a can. I ate neatly packed, skinless, boneless little fish. Which she called "disgusting". ??!

Neil "Gunnar" Berg
1410 Oakwood

1 comment:

Arrr said...

You're right, those anti-sardine comments make no sense, but there's no accounting for taste.

My three year-old daughter and myself regularly share a tin during breakfast, while my six year-old son and wife make a big stink about the alleged stink.


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