Sep 13, 2009

Sunnmøre Sardiner i olje

I know I have been celebrating tins smuggled back from the far corners of the world. Tins not available locally; maybe with an expensive net search someone might bring home some of these tins. Well. Back to domestically sourced tins.

I picked up this tin quite awhile ago from the Nordic House. They are around the corner and down the street.

The East Bay has many different ethnic stores. Little markets with very specific products. They all seem to stock sardines from their respected origins.

Nordic House is a lot of fun, filled with food products and chachki galore. If they sold Nordic beers and liquors it would be perfect. I know there are many intoxicating Norwegian products, but I don't think they are exporting many of them.

Sunnmøre Sardiner i olje

Sunnmore 4
Sunnmøre is a southwest region in Norway. Waterfront Property. These are Brislings and Hånd pakker, and one website says
The sardines that attain the SunnMore brand are caught in the pure waters off the Norwegian coast, using the same methods which have been practiced for generations. These premium quality sardines are packed in one of three sauces and free of any preservatives. Each variety is wonderful as an hors d'oeuvre or eaten straight out of the tin! Varieties sold separately.
GG is making up some Zucchini Fritters with a beautiful zucch from Twidwell Farms down in Pacifica, some greens, toasted baguette, dill sour cream and lemon.
Sunnmore 2
There are seksten of these Smokey Little Monstre. Similar to smoked oysters, but in a lighter oil, giving them a delicate difference.
Sunnmore 3
Another great tin to throw in your lunsj boks. Three, NO WAIT FOUR, out of Five Tins.
2007 Tomero Torrontes. Mendoza, Argentina. From some of the highest peaks of the Andes. A wonderful wine, light peach, honeysuckle, clean, crisp.

Find your local obscure ethnic stores. They are out there. From all over the world. Talk to Them. Get some tins.

Upon Further Consideration I am adding a tin (it was originally three) to this review.


Old Nevermore said...

Didja find the blonde at the Nordic House, too?

Sashimi said...

Those sardines look awfully nice. Surprised they didn't merit more than a 3-tinner.

Cute dog!

Jonny Hamachi said...

After tonight adventure I have to agree. Four tins, those were some good fish.


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