Sep 14, 2009

Mama Ramen, Smiling Fish, and the Poverty Knife

I know these things;

Thai people love to eat Mama ramen, so save your judgement.

Mama comes with a little package of fish-saucy soup base and HOT chili powder. Typically, you'd add a squirt of your own fishy sauce, a squeeze of lime, some fried garlic, white pepper, a six-minute egg, and some sliced what-have-you's, and you've got dinner for just about a dollar.

I double-dog-dare you to do better for that kind of money.


My friend Nong is an upstanding member of The Society. A couple of weeks ago, she dropped in on me during a Friday service, all smiles and waves, and plopped a tin on my bar. We didn't have much time to chat. We rarely do.

She pulls LONG days at her cart, and I'm generally a Mess, so it's usually just hugs.

She is thin, and I am fat, and she always lights me up.


My goal tonight was to put together the meal that I would eat in Bangkok, were I a Thai dad staying in at night while Wife worked the restaurant.

Doped noodles and a can of sardines seems appropriate.

I have reviewed the Smiling Fish before. These were the worst yet. I think they were mackerel. Bland sauce, huge bones, dry meat, and chickpeas. Not good.

At all.


The bowl was good. I eat the same thing a couple nights a week, so no surprises.


Didn't have any Singha, so I drank Tiger. Singapore shmingapore. Good beer from the region fits.

Oh, and the Knife. Kiwi brand, from Thailand. I see cooks all over using these. They are $3. They get sharp, and stay sharp. I have replaced all of my Euro-steel with these, and so will you, dear sardinistas, come Christmas time.


Su-Lin said...

Oh yeah, love the Mama brand instant noodles. And you've got the silver packet one too - brilliant!

Gunnar Berg said...

The Little Woman informs me that the street food in Thailand is maybe better than the restaurant food, if you know where to get it. The Child, who lives in Bangkok, is learning Thai as fast as she can because knowing the language reduces the price of food, and everything else.

Jonny Hamachi said...

I don't think that Fish is Smiling as much as Laughing at You.

Sashimi said...

Ramen looks delicious; the "sardines"...not so much.

La Sardine Eblouie said...

Oh my God ! Really seems awful… You have to be very curious to taste these !

Isadore said...

The only thing I've liked from Smiling Fish were their fried baby clams. Those are kinda addictive, especially after you pop them in the microwave.

Anonymous said...

Love the props to the Kiwi Thai knifes! Love those knives!



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