Nov 30, 2009

Unitas Sardinas estilo Portugues en Aceite de Oliva

It's our last full day here in Cabo. We migrated down last Tuesday for our Annual.

We come down and do nothing. Well, nothing except eat and drink and sleep and read and sun and beach and pool and snorkle and repeat. Head into town once in awhile, mainly for supplies or a dinner out. Same five people, same house with it's pool overlooking the bay and an empty semi private beach. Two years ago we snorkeled with a School of Sardines. It was Awesome. Literally.

We mainly shop at Costco, but also at the Mega. Which is truly Mega. A huge store with a little bit of everything, bicycles, tvs, microwaves, clothes, but mainly groceries. Meat counters, fresh bakery, and a tortilla factory on premise. "Un Kilo Por Favor". So Good. This area seems all about the flour and they are Killer.

They had an interesting assortment of Roland's Sardines, and a couple of those traditional large oval tins of Mexicano en tomate that we've all seen around yet not reviewed, a few tins of Pulpo (got one), and a huge selection of Atún.

The only tin I didn't semi-recognize is this Unitas.
Unitas en Cabo 2
Hecho en México. Nice clean packaging (Nuevo Imagen!) with websites that have recipes. En Español.

A few folks are off to the beach, McCune is deep into World War Z (so good, read it before the movie comes out), and I'm poppin Vitamins, Tecates, and tins.
Unitas en Cabo
Plating it with local queso fresca, beautiful local tortillas, Gamesa saladitas, La Costeña rajas de chiles jalapeños en escabeche, Salsa Huichol picante and Lol-Tun salsa e chile habanero.
Unitas en Cabo 3
Three big fish, skin and bones, the oil appeared dark, the smell is strong, not off or bad, but strong. This is a situation were the accoutrements are better than the tin. I think I see scales. Wrapped in a tortilla with a bit of cheese and pickled jalapeño and of course it's tasty but being the Spoiled Gringo I am, I have to say "Pat, if these were any good I'd make you try them, but I won't." Two tins if I were at home, but due to the perfect tortillas, queso, and the View, I'm going Tres Fuera de Cinco Latas.
No Días Malo.

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