Dec 3, 2009

Conserverie La Perle des Dieux

You have got to see this Flickr Set:
Images de la conserverie et diverses sardines artistiques!
Seventeen awesome shots of the Pearl of the Gods from Naviciel.

No, I don't speak French either, but watch that video all the way through, because the last guy's collection est magnifique.


Couves said...

Very cool (love the assembly line production!), but not knowing French, I am left with many, many questions. Among the less consequential:

Do omega-3’s contribute to healthy head shine and mustache curl?

Is that sardine collector really cussing when describing his tins? (“Now this can here is totally the sh_t”) Does his collection make him the French equivalent of the 30 year old guy living in his mom’s basement with a complete collection of Star Wars figures?

Where in France is that sweet sardine shop?

DachsieGuy said...

The "Pearl of the Gods" link is bad :-(

But everything else is very cool :-)

Jonny Hamachi said...

Head Shine and Mustache Curl and Star War Figures.
Thank You.

He would be that equivalent, except for his parental support.

If we all had that much support.

Thxs DG.

Jonny Hamachi said...

¿Que Hondas Raza?

Musée Imaginaire de la Sardine said...

Beware ! This sardine collector lives in fact in the US and tries to sell his collection for years as he thinks it's not reasonable to bring it at his new living place. Most of his cans are full… if you want to taste…
I'm glad I refused to appear in this tv prime time show !


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