Dec 17, 2009

Mail Bag

I have been advised by my local shop that Connetable has gone out of business. Do you know anything about this... If so I am devastated. They are far and away my favorite. Any recommendations about other high quality sardines; particularly from Brittany?

Oakland, CA

Hello fellow members !

Connetable sardines are still on their almost two centuries old feet !
Leader on the french market they still make more than a half billion dollars with sardines…

What's the problem with Connetable in the US ? I've been told that customs fees are protecting american so called sardine cans. I supposed Connetable are just too expensive for retailing as only a small community of connoisseurs is able to appreciate quality in sardine cans. You are part of it. Congratulations.

You can also taste Les Mouettes d'Arvor from Concarneau in Brittany,they're often better than the best of Connetables, also try La Perle des Dieux from Vendée, they're as good.
Also taste Capitaine Cook's sardines from Brittany, they're worth the bite.
I do understand how desperate you must have been with such bad news about Connetable and how shocking it could have been…
I'm happy to give relief with good news from my side of the ocean.
Sardinaly yours

Philippe ANGINOT


Meg said...

Love the blog, a lurking collector myself.
This is sad, but I am glad my mum on a recent trip to Paris brought me back 4 tins.
This summer I saw tins of Connetable's on sale at Zabars in NYC. Should have bought more!!


La Sardine Eblouie said...

Sure, you do have to catch sardines whenever you find them …

Couves said...

US Sardine protectionism? Since we produce very few sardines (and they're $10/can!), I don't see how this could possibly be the case. It could be the strong Euro. Or maybe it's an anti-French tariff, as in the punative Bush Roquefort tariff. Either way, I'm sensing an anti-Society conspiracy.

Viva Ron Paul!

La Sardine Eblouie said...

Yes, American sardine cans are protected. Otherwise Stinson Beach Cliff sardine cannings would have disapeared long ago. For instance, any canned product from Marroco is zero taxed but sardines with skin on that got a 20% tax.(Unskinned sardines get a 0% !). With the Roquefort drama between France and the US, Bush administration threatened to put a 300 % custom tax on different french agro products, sardine cans were on the ticket ! But Obama came and negociated a higner level of US unhormonized beaf exportation to E.U to erase the threat… Yes, sardines are involved in politic !

PatrickB said...

The last American sardine cannery will be closing in Maine in a few weeks according to news articles today.

On the other hand, the Eagle Cliff sardines from Canada are only $1.19 at my local grocer. The Reese's from Morocco are much better and cost only $299.


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