Feb 9, 2010

And Just Like That

There's a New Boat in the Harbor.

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From their Website (which is lacking on sardine info):
Wild Planet is committed to providing the finest tasting sustainably caught seafood while supporting the conservation of wild marine ecosystems.
These Folks are giving Us a more traditional tin at a more traditional price. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Marinara Sauce, or With Lemons at a Suggested $2.99. California Caught.

I haven't come across them at my Local but they are on the web. If You find them around town let us know what you think and where you got 'em.



mork the delayer said...

I just bought three of these at my local (PCC) yesterday. It's the first time I've seen them but I'm excited. I got one of each except the spring water. I was thinking about submitting 'em here but I haven't tried them yet.

Sardines caught in California are exciting, and this company claims to be quite mindful of the earth. I hope the fish are good.

DachsieGuy said...

Are most sardines "cleaned and scaled"?
The top of the box says:
Nutritional Powerhouse
Highest quality sardines anywhere!
Use in a Mediterranean inspired antipasto platter
Delicious over a salad or in open-faced cheese melts.

Elizabeth @ the manhattan food project said...

I wonder how these compare to the sardines caught in the Scandinavia area--especially in taste. If I see them near me, I'll have to give them a shot.

Anonymous said...

I don't see where to order these on their website. Any suggestions? Any stores in Central Cali where I can buy some? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I hope these are good. Although I want to support the Cannery Row Sardine Co., the Cal sardines they sell are not that good and mighty expensive. $7.95 for a mediocre product is kind of hard to support. IMHO. --SKing

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this Dr. Williams joker is but you can buy them online here:

http://snipr.com/ucj5s [www_drdavidwilliams_com]


Anonymous said...

Wow, SKing. Kind of harsh comments about both CRSC and Dr. Williams don't you think? Just a couple of businesses trying to make a go of it in a tough economy...good for them! By the way, I've heard and read plenty of positive feedback about CRSC sardines (Washington Post, Monterey County Weekly) and tried them myself and think they have a superior product. I'm not sure what makes Dr. Williams a "joker" either. He has a nice website and is simply helping other companies move product. I like your website too ya know. Go Economy!

Dosbears said...

They've started updating the website, and they're on facebook and twitter.

Anonymous said...

I tried these, and didn't like them at all. They had a fishy flavor and were full of bones. I checked with the company and although they are California sardines, they ship them to Vietnam for packing in the cans.

Dosbears said...

Dear Anonymous Troll, if you don't like these, then you just don't like sardines. WP has updated their FAQ on their site to explain why the sardines are canned in Vietnam.


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