Feb 15, 2010

Bourdain In Brittany

The Sardine bit is in the last two minutes.

Philippe, do you know this guy? What are your thoughts about standing sardines?


La Sardine Eblouie said...

Bonjour dear society fellows,
Oh yes you can trust Pont Aven standing sardines ! As you can see on the video they are prepared in conserve bottles. This is the way people prepare sardines at home in Brittany. As you know sardines are mostly fished in summer and if you want to eat some in winter you have to preserve them. In the 19th century, they were only salted and covered with oil in small clay pots (as it was done for any kind of meat or even vegetables), then came Nicolas Appert who invented sterilization. And then came in France a Mr Carraud (associated with Amieux) and in England a Mr Durand who both had the idea of the metal can more appropriate for commercialization and designed as a traveller food. Sardine cans were then ready, around 1835, for a worldwide expansion… I talked to Mr Appert and Mr Carraud grand-grand-grand-sons last week ( they are both 85…) and the gave me a lot more informations… that you will find in the reedition of my book La Sardine to be published in june.
Lying or standing, Pont Aven sardines have always been of the best quality. The place in the mid 19th was known, around Paul Gauguin, as a kind of Goa for runaway artists from Europe and the US, who were certainly as concerned by sardines as by the wild temper of sardine fishers'pretty daughters. A very nice place to stay, even today.
But be careful, the canned standing sardines you find in England, Egypt or China are not at all of the same quality.

Couves said...

I found some standing sardines from the Philippines (done “Spanish style” in olive oil and spices). The oil was rancid and I deemed them unfit for consumption. Although it was a windowless shop, I wonder if clear glass jars encouraged spoilage.

Jake K said...

Does anyone know if I can get these state side and if not, does anyone have an underground source in Brittany for these?

Unknown said...

will someone please let me know how i can get some standing sardines state side?


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