Apr 29, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Earlier this month while hiking around Mount Tam, my Co-Hiker mentioned there was a small brewery and cafe that she has been enjoying.

Oh, I'm sorry, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jon, I like beer.

I hadn't yet been to Mill Valley Beerworks but I had heard tell. So after an enjoyable hike around the mountain, seeing wild flowers and waterfalls, we dropped back into town and got a table.
Beerworks 1
Three Threads Porter, quite tasty and brewed just over to my right!

What? Grumblings from the 3eanut Gallery? Talking about beer worship? Why don't I tell you about the QOTSA show that recently rocked my world?

Well, there is a point to my excitement.
Beerworks 2
They only looked at me sideways for a second when I asked for the lid to the tin. Then realizing quickly it was Matiz (already reviewed here), asking for the box (notice their use of the word tinned).

I gave a light explanation as to the Workings of the Society and returned to my beer, sorry, and returned to my tin.
Beerworks 3
Look at that!! Society Style and Everything!!


Click Here to isolate this post, then cut and paste that address and send it to Your Local!! Tell Them What You Want (with a fine Porter or possibly a Rodenbach Grand Cru)!!
Beerworks 4
You Tell Them How TheycankeepafewTinsontheshelfforYouandwhenYoureturnYouwillgetonewith"toast&marketaccompaniment"!!

Just make sure they're Matiz or an Equal cause they still merit 4 tins. And Mill Valley Beerworks? Five out of Five Tins! For Great Beer, Staff, Ambiance, and a Great Tinned Sardine Board.
Beerworks 5
Beerworks 5
Beerworks 5
Beerworks 5
Beerworks 5
Welcome to the Society.


Old Nevermore said...

Oh, bless them.

Shu Han said...

thanks for dropping by my blog! this is hilarious. i do love them sardines.


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