Apr 13, 2011

Life On The Other Side

For a moment I had to have this and then I realized I have too much Stuff. AND I have too much Sardine Stuff. Gotta get rid of some stuff. Do You need more stuff? I'm just giving stuff away. Some stuff I'm selling, the Good Stuff, but I got stuff I don't even know why I have. Stuff I thought I had to have, really good stuff that I thought I might need someday, when I did something. I don't do that much. And now I know what I do and what I don't do. So some stuff has got to go. Some stuff I've used and won't use again but I enjoyed using it so much that I think I might use it again. But I won't. Gotta take that stuff down to the used stuff store and see if they'll give me some dinero for it. Don't take the credit for the used stuff they got. It sounds like more dinero but You'll come home with more stuff and You know You have some stuff just like that stuff that You haven't used yet anyways. Some stuff used to be useful but has become obsolete but is such cool stuff I can't get rid of it and again I'll never use this stuff again, but I did, but I won't. Don't need that stuff anymore. Shit, the stuff I've been buying lately will be obsolete next year, but I can't stop the buying of stuff. I can curb it, limit it, but I can't stop it. Besides, next year I'll sell that stuff or give it away or put it out in the black hole in front of my house to be sucked away into someone else's stuff sack in less than twenty minutes.

Course if You got me a Tin of Sardines Glove Puppet for National Sardine Day next year I'd be delighted and put it next to the Clock.


Holly said...

I totally relate. There's a very thin line between collecting and hoarding. But is there a such thing as excessive sardine puppetry? I don't think so.

SylJay said...

I love stuff and especially sardines! I can't believe I found this picture just today! My roommate and I just baked a tray of sardine cookies for a friend and I'm designed a sardine label card for him. I'm in love with Sardines.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Well let's see 'em!

Phelony Jones said...

The sardine puppets are adorable!


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