Jun 15, 2011

Conservas Valcárcel

We've migrated back. And as soon as we hit town we go to the SuperMercado. And I head to the Sardinas aisle and grab what I don't know.

Back at the House, BK is a Society Member from the way back machine. He calls it out. Let's pop a tin.

Conservas Valcárcel 1
This tin cost 790 pesos which is top dollar no matter where you are.
An interesting package got even more interesting when I noticed Serie Limitada on the back of the box.
Conservas Valcárcel 4
And then found a fun and thought out tin inside the box. Their Centennial Range.
Conservas Valcárcel 2
Plated up with Gamesa Saladitas, La Costeña Rajas, mexilimes and Totopos de tortilla de maíz.
Conservas Valcárcel 3
Also some frozen Hornitos and tins of Tecate.
Conservas Valcárcel 5
Their website shows History and Tradition, a Sustained Push, and a Calendar of Catches. They are thinking hard and doing good work over in Spain.

These border on brisling, 10 to 12 babies all cleaned up. A decent olive oil but a bit on the mushy side. Not a lot of tooth here.
Conservas Valcárcel 6
But damn, put it on a salty cracker, add a pickled chile jalapeño and a squeeze of mexilime and it's delicioso. I wanted to go 3 point 5 but shit, I'm in Cabo, Cuatro Fuera de Cinco Latas. I hope they show up in the States.

No Días Malo.

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