Jan 10, 2012

Travel Advisory - UPDATE: CLOSED

A travel advisory is a public notice issued by the Society to provide information about the relative sardine availability when travelling to or visiting one or more specific foreign destinations. The purpose is to enable travelers to make an informed decision about a particular travel destination, and to help travellers prepare adequately for what may be encountered on their trip.

Portland, Oregon USA
While travelling North to the Hawthorne region of Oregon we chanced upon one small counter with a few tables.
The Gallego at Evoe
Where they served The Gallego - sardine, fennel and hot pepper slaw on a toasted ciabatta roll. Angelo Parodi, the tin de jour, decent, fine for sandwiches.

It was delicious! As was everything else the five of us devoured that rainy afternoon with two bottles of Castello di Verduno Bianco. The food and service were top notch. Gotta come up with a Society Approved Sticker they can put in their window.

Plan your trip accordingly.


Giovanna said...

You'll know you're really lucky if you happen on Evoe when they have fresh sardines, as I did last July. Then you might get sardines a la plancha, grilled flat, and served with celery salad and olives. Simple perfection!

ACravan said...

Wonderful to read this. Excellent. Thanks for posting. Greetings from Philadelphia. Curtis

rigel said...

not a fan of the AP, i prefer the matiz gallego, and they cost about the same (AP is actually the more expensive brand at the place i go for the matiz -- international food market out by 82nd). i've been really digging the wild planet brand though, theyre doing the once-cooked thing, and it really shows off their fish (their tuna is great too). zupans has actually started doing something similar, using local tuna, and selling it as a house brand. expensive but delicious.


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