Dec 14, 2012

The Simple Life

I ran out of gas.
I... I had a flat tire.
I didn't have enough money for cab fare.
My tux didn't come back from the cleaners.
An old friend came in from out of town.
Someone stole my car.
There was an earthquake.
A terrible flood.


What would You have me plate?

This box from places unknown?
Box of Love
Something from the Shelving Unit?
These few tins from deep inside the Shoulder of Canada?
I brought these back myself and was amazed that they traveled in my carry on. I had completely forgot Guideline #33 which clearly states that when traveling across boarders with contraband tins always check them through.

I will not delight you with wondrous tins from faraway places tonight. I shall keep it simple. Take it back down a notch and taste it old school. There was a time, back before the yelptastic cable tv driven foodie revolution that it was just food.

Cousin Angelo
Columbus Calabrese, Carr's Poppy & Sesame, and some Wisconsin Sharp I had to clean the mold off of, plated on a cheap cutting board. Shut it.

The tin is a simple Angelo Parodi. OK. It is actually a tin smuggled back from Italy by my great friend Andre but You can get these here and we have tried them before. It's PROBABLY just the same as U.S. Tins (maybe).

And of course a Heretic Shallow Grave Porter is in order.

Cousin Angelo 2
These are two big monsters in a clean oil with a fine texture.
These are the 3 Tin standard when it comes to big fish.
These are a refresher course.
These are something You should try so as to acclimate your palate.


I've got a box of tins sourced within our great United, and I shall enlighten Ye of little faith. Given time and beer all shall be revealed.


DachsieGuy said...

Welcome back! I've missed your posts and I'm looking forward to being regaled with tales of tempting tiny fish again! Cheers!

ACravan said...

Magnificent. Curtis Roberts

Charles Shere said...

That was a post worth waiting for, but I'm impatient for the next…

Luis said...

long time to see your new posts Jonny Hamachi

Kane said...

I enjoy your every post.. Keep up the posting

Rob Fisher said...

Haven't seen your post for a long time. I al

Nick said...

The Blues Bros quote got me in, and the pictures and prose kept me. Just discovered La Perle des Dieux and I might be obsessed. Good work!


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