May 25, 2019

We Fear Change

Well, after 20 years we are moving and so I'm packing up all the tins.

I've always belived that tinned sardines should last. These have not. They are puffed and when I shake them they sound loose and wet. Ew.

They are large round tins that probably had a nice clock like display when opened. I'm guessing smaller fish and I'm a bit sad I have failed these tins and I have failed you.

"But I'll live on, I'll be strong, cause it just ain't my cross to bear, it's not baby." - G. Allman

Not going to open them. Not going to try them. Not going to smell them. Not going to.
Zero tins. They got to go.


Maybe, we'll see.

I have a lot of tins to tell you about, many things to discuss.

Nice to see you, thanks for coming.


DachsieGuy said...

Yay! Good luck on the move.

Liyana Morrison said...

I am THRILLED you are back after 6 years!!! hahah As a fellow fan of the tinned sardine, I would love for this site and community to live on!


Contact or Contribute, if you want. Do a good job and we might put it on here, but no promises, okay?

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