Mar 26, 2009



Welllllll, the wife's out of town again, so here I am cooking with Tinned Sardines again. I've been saving this for just such an occasion. GG suggested I save it for a Society Meeting, but I'm not thinking anyone wants in on this.

The First and Second Cooking Classes, were of recipes from Celebrity Chefs, using what I knew to be fine and reputable tins.

This came from a Euro Boutique, where they stocked Parodi and other fine eats, So Maybe. The first ingredient is Wild Fennel, So Maybe. The rest of the ingredients, in order, Water, Sardines Min 25%, Black Current, Onion, Sunflower Oil, Salted Sardine Puree, and Salt, So Maybe. Product of Italy. Manufactured and packed by, expressly for U S market by, F. lli Contorno - Palermo -Italy. Big ole 14.5 oz can. $4.29. It's got U S flags on it. I don't know, Maybe.

On the lid it says:
Heat contents in a pan with a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper.
Separately cook 15 oz of pasta Bucatini or Penne, drain, add the heated sauce and mix it well.
Serve after 5 minutes.
I'm using Trader Giotto's Organic Italian Penne (I'll hold back an ounce of the 16 oz package). I'm going to stick to the recipe, for Survival Research purposes. Might not have fresh Italian parsley, or Parma Reggi, or that homemade super herb mix we picked up in Italy, after the Globe warms, and the people are forced to migrate towards the poles because the planet is uninhabitalble from the Tropic of C to the Tropic of C. Buy British Columbian.
Cuoco 2
Upon opening the smell of fennel fills the room, I think I actually see currants and there are pieces of sardine with a little skin the size of a quarter floating in the fennel goop. Maybe.
Cuoco 3
I like penne cause the sauce can get up in there, but these tubes are small. I let it rest and stirred it occasionally trying to get it up in there. It looks good, smells good. Maybe.

I like fennel. Sambuca, or the "Becoming Famous Fennel Arugula Reggi with Just Lemon Juice Salt and Pepper Salad".
I like Sardines.
Cuocu Dinner
But Ya Know. Maybe Not.

This is all about the fennel tops. I'm only getting a bit of sardine. It's all fennel. I'm not even sure I could work with this. I'll keep some and try it tomorrow, but it should be labeled Fennel Seasoning with A Hint of Sardines.
I wanted a nice Brunello or Chianti, didn't get one, thought I'd raid the cellar, but settled for a Spaniard from the pantry. 06 Obra Ribera del Duero. Super Intense color, Smooth Soft Strawberry, Juicy Fruity, Not What I Hoped, but... it's... open.

And it's softer than I want for my back up plan.
Oh Yeah!


oldschooly said...

Man, Genova was my spot when I was on 45th and Tele. Grab a sangy and shuffle across the parking lot to Ye Olde Silver Lion. Oakland livin'.

Getting into that can of sauce was brave.

Old Nevermore said...

Um, ugh?

I'm gonna come stay in your basement, drink on your balcony, feed your koi, eat at Genova, La Pinata, La Costa, and Barlata, go see a Giants game, get a tattoo, get kicked out of all the old bars I used to work at, ride the dirt, ride the road, go to Montano Velo and not buy anything, pop some tins, and then drive back to Portland with the sun behind me.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Cool. Tomorrow?


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