Jul 10, 2009

"I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members." G. Marx

There are no dues. There isn't a newsletter. No scheduling of SALTSCON in Vegas at the HardRock with Nick Cave opening for Tom Waits and Bourdain as the keynote speaker (yet). No pledge drives or guilt stricken return address stickers. There aren't even Google Ads.

There's some folks in Idaho, more than a few in Oregon (one guy eats them for breakfast), quite a few from California. There's that crazy French guy. And the Sardine King! A small enclave in Southern Minnesota. There's even some Vegans. Sardinistas one and all.

There are many others. Folks who aren't quite ready to announce to the world that they are on the wave, tucked in tight and ready to ride. But they know. They know who they are.

Because if you think you're in the Society, even for a second, then you're in the Society. If you're reading this, you're in the Society.

There's no pressure, no reminder letters, offers of low percentages on SALTS Mastercards. You don't even have to ever open a tin. Maaaaybe a beer. If there was an initiation it might involve beer. But there isn't. There's just the Appreciation of Tinned Sardines, and the Appreciation of Those who Appreciate Tinned Sardines.

If you come here looking for Justice, that's what you'll find: Just Us.

Pop a Tin, Drink Local. Tell us how you do.

Maybe we'll show you the secret handshake.


DachsieGuy said...

I don't know what it is about this blog but I love reading it! I just wish we had a better sardine selection here in Oklahoma....

Keep up the good work!

Thomas Armstrong said...

I'm good with this! My kind of non-club. By the way, fyi, I just popped a local, Victory Hop Devil, my standard. Brewed locally, within striking distance. No fish tonight, perhaps tomorrow.


Gunnar Berg said...

"I wouldn’t have a girl that I was worthy of. She wouldn’t do. She wouldn’t be respectable enough." - Mark Twain

The Old Lady is out of town (in Thailand)...so the Southern Minnesota Chapter will be convening this evening. I have some strong aromatic cheeses and four(4!) different varieties of Akavits. Lestie and I are going to open them all for sampling and crack a couple of King Oscars, because that's all I have.

Eat well,
President, SMSALTS

Old Nevermore said...

TA-- I've been drinking that Victory Pils, and it's pretty good.

Keep in mind that I'm in Portland, and "pretty good" beer from out of state is actually fan-fucking-tastic, But, you know, it's not local, so it can't be that good.

Know what i mean?

Berg- There's an Oregon distillery (yes, we have those, too) making a real nice Akavit. Krogstaad, I think. Seen it?

If not, I'll get you a bottle on the quick. I'd like to know your thoughts.

Sashimi said...

Just got a care package from a friend in the U.K. with a selection of Parmentier sardines. I don't believe those have been reviewed here yet. I'll try to fill that gap in the near future.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Aaah, Yes. Excellent, Excellent, World Domination is at Hand.

Couves said...

I dig the non-manifesto, I'm in.

I second the Prima Pils - Victory's Hop devil is solid, but they really crush it with the pilsner.

Jefferson said...

First rule about Fight Club ... oh wait ... I talk about it all the time!

I'm glad I have access to such a plethora of sardines in the Bay Area. If anyone on this blog would like to have some sent to them, please email me: jeffercine@gmail.com

And we can arrange something. Like pay for cost and shipping only. Just no guarantee of speed. :-)

sardineking said...

I feel honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as those other guys. I keep wanting to submit a review but the sardines I've been eating these days are not nearly as exotic as the fantastic stuff you guys have been eating. (King Oscar Mediterranean style and Nuri Spiced) When I get ahold of something rare I'll submit something. Keep up the good work. This is my favorite blog!

sardineking said...

Hey, When is the convention and where will it be held? My vote is for New Orleans. When we run out of tins we can walk down the street with suitcases of brew and find something else to eat and drink.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Parmentier you say. Tell us about em.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the invitation to join your group. I'm tempted, but I hesitate to accept your offer. After all, you and me in the same club can only mean trouble. Although I like trouble...

E. Souza said...

Dear friends
Everyone should test sardines Porthos brand. These are sold in Macau, Hong Kong and Canada.
They are a delight.
The producer is this portugalnorte@mail.telepac.pt
Good taste!!!

shaz said...

Any Malaysian will tell you it has to be Ayam brand sardines in tomato sauce. Incidentally, Ayam means chicken, so you have "chicken sardines". There. Can I join now?

Jonny Hamachi said...

Mmmm, Hop Devil

dhawktx said...


Add one lonely Dallas Texan. Adding the 4 and 5 tins recommendations to my shopping list!

Anonymous said...

It is 8 am in Cincinnati. Just got back from Bonnaroo. I just found this blog a few mins ago. To heck with sleep I am searching for lovely tins today. Will enjoy with home-brewed rye pale. Cheers....I'm in.

Unknown said...

I am responsible for annihilating many schools of sardines, so I consider myself a member too!

kind regards from Slovakia (mid-Europe)

Anonymous said...

Sardines for breakfast is just +++


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